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The advantages of shared parenting

On Behalf of | May 17, 2024 | Divorce |

Shared parenting is when parents work together to raise their children following a divorce. This means that both parents share the care and support for the children as equally as possible. This arrangement can benefit the children as they have both parents present in their lives as they grow up.

Shared parenting is not just beneficial for the children – it may also benefit the parents. Below are benefits divorced parents may get out of the arrangement:

You get to grow your career and incomes

Maintaining separate homes and raising children can be expensive. When both parents need to put in an equal share of time and finances in caring for the children, they also have an equal amount of time they can use for personal pursuits. You and the other parent can use this time to build your careers. You can also start a business or take on side hustles. These activities can grow your income, which can help ease the financial strain that comes with living separately.

You can establish a clear routine

Sharing custody with the other parent generally means you need to establish a predictable routine. This lets you know ahead of time when you are free and when you are not. This can make it easier to schedule other activities. This also encourages stability in your children’s lives. It is generally not advisable to disrupt their routine too much following your divorce.

You can spend quality time developing your interests

Scheduling “me time” can be difficult when you are always busy. With shared parenting, you get to spend time away from your children, and focus on your personal interests. This could be your chance to pick up an old hobby or start a new one. You may also use the time for self-improvement and to reconnect with the “old you” before you became a parent.

Shared parenting can help put the children’s welfare and well-being at the forefront when raising children after a divorce.  A successful shared parenting arrangement not only benefits the children but can help the parents to move forward with their own professional and personal lives after the divorce