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Protect Your Rights During A Contract Dispute

Your business relies on contracts on a regular basis to move forward. When something goes wrong, and you end up in a contract dispute, the disruption to your business is real and immediate. You need an effective resolution that protects your interests and gets your business back on track.

I am attorney John J. Leonard, and I have 20 years of experience representing businesses and individuals with a variety of legal issues, including construction disputes, real estate and general civil litigation. Allow me to manage your legal concern so that you can return to managing your business.

Finding Commonsense Solutions

I founded The Law Office of John J. Leonard so that I could provide my clients with a more personalized approach to legal service than that offered by larger firms. When you bring your case to me, I will take the time to discuss your questions and concerns and review your options to find the solution that makes sense for you and your business.

Together, we will take the following steps to analyze your case:

  • Review the contract – We must first make sure that a contract exists. What evidence is there of a contract? Was it oral or written?
  • Review all documents – What other documents could be relevant to the dispute? Do you have copies of invoices and communications?
  • Damages – We will review a calculation of possible damages on either side of the dispute and weigh that against the cost of litigation.
  • Potential for settlement – I will explain your options for resolving the dispute without litigation, taking into consideration what each party wants. We can review the process of negotiation and documentation of a pre- or post-filing settlement.
  • Timing – The length of time a case takes from filing to settlement or judgment can vary based on a number of factors.

Although your case may need to go through litigation, I never assume that is the only answer. Litigation is expensive and takes time. You may prefer to resolve the matter more quickly and efficiently, even if it means a compromise. I am an experienced trial lawyer, always ready to go to court, but I also know that more often than not, a negotiated settlement better serves my clients.

Let Me Help You Find A Resolution

I am here to help you get back to business as usual. To discuss your case, please call me at 888-367-0445 or send me an online message. I serve all of Long Island and Suffolk County from my office in Hampton Bays.