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Experienced Representation In Real Property Matters

For most people, a real estate deal is the largest financial transaction they will ever make. Whether you are buying or selling your home, buying or leasing commercial property, or purchasing land for future construction or development, significant sums of money are changing hands. Mistakes and problems can be costly, which is why you should secure your investment by hiring an experienced real estate attorney to represent you.

From real estate transactions to real estate litigation, The Law Office of John J. Leonard has you covered. No matter the character of the property, I handle the negotiations and drafting necessary to close the deal and resolve any other issues that arise along the way.

Real Estate Transactions

I handle all aspects of your transactions with care and consideration, including:

  • Buying and selling property
  • Reviewing all contracts related to the sale or purchase, including:
    • Buy-sell agreements
    • Purchase agreements
    • Disclosure notices
  • Updated certificates of occupancy
  • Health department permitting
  • Problems uncovered in the inspection
  • Exceptions in a title report that need to be cleared

Whether you need a few services or comprehensive representation, my law firm is here for you.

Real Estate Disputes And Litigation

In any real estate deal, a primary goal is to make the transaction without undue delay or problems. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible – but I can help when things go wrong. I also have extensive experience representing homeowners and contractors in a variety of litigated issues, including:

  • Mechanic’s lien cases
  • Contract litigation and easement disputes
  • Actions seeking damages for nondisclosure of defects or for construction defects
  • Eviction proceedings and notice provisions
    • Notice to quit
    • Notice to pay or leave

As real estate matters have changed in the last year, the basis for litigation has changed. I stay current on all changes in the law and help you understand if or how the changes impact your case and the potential outcomes.

Speak With A Real Estate Attorney Today

At The Law Office of John J. Leonard, I represent clients throughout Suffolk County. I am firm founder John J. Leonard. I bring two decades of experience to each client and each case. To discuss your real estate needs with me during an initial consultation, call my Hampton Bays office at 888-367-0445 or contact my law firm online.