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Encouraging your parents to start estate planning

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Discussing estate planning with your parents can be a sensitive and delicate topic. However, having this conversation is necessary to ensure that you know their wishes and that they properly manage their financial affairs.

Here are some ideas about approaching and engaging in a constructive dialogue with your parents about starting the estate planning process.

Choose the right timing and setting

When approaching the subject of estate planning with your parents, select the right timing and setting. Choose for a comfortable and relaxed environment where everyone feels at ease. Avoid bringing up the topic during times of stress or distractions. Approach the conversation with empathy and respect by understanding that estate planning can evoke feelings of vulnerability and mortality.

Express concern and care

Begin the conversation by expressing your concern and care for your parent’s well-being. Communicate your desire to honor their wishes and manage their financial affairs as they envision. Emphasize that estate planning is a proactive step towards protecting their assets, providing for their loved ones and reducing potential conflicts or complications in the future.

Assure them that initiating the estate planning process is a responsible and thoughtful act that demonstrates your commitment to supporting them in their later years.

Highlight the benefits and importance

To encourage your parents to create an estate plan, highlight the benefits and significance of having one in place. Explain that an estate plan allows them to maintain control over their assets, designate beneficiaries and make decisions regarding their medical care and end-of-life preferences. Emphasize the importance of avoiding probate and reducing potential estate taxes, as well as the potential for limiting family disputes.

Additionally, discuss the peace of mind that comes from knowing you respect their wishes and that the estate will care for their loved ones according to their intentions.

Offer assistance and support

Assure your parents that you are there to help and support them throughout the estate planning process. Offer to gather necessary documents, schedule appointments with professionals, or accompany them to meetings. Reassure them that you respect their autonomy and decisions but are available to provide guidance and resources as needed.

Conversations about estate plans require sensitivity, respect, and an understanding of your parent’s unique concerns and values. By starting the discussion with empathy and providing guidance, you can help your parents navigate the estate planning process and secure their future with confidence.