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Four avoidable divorce mistakes

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Divorce |

A divorce is something no one ever wants to go through. The stress and uncertainty surrounding the process can cause divorcing spouses to act out of character and make regrettable decisions. By staying calm, however, and focusing on what’s most important, divorcing spouses can often avoid making these costly errors and feel hopeful about their future.

Letting emotions take over

It’s common for divorces to be filled with emotion. But it’s essential for divorcing spouses to maintain control and not let their feelings dictate their actions. Making emotionally fueled decisions can cause people to make costly mistakes that can affect their life long after their divorce.

Refusing to negotiate

During a divorce, there may be many instances where you feel like shutting down and giving up. But refusing to communicate with your ex-spouse will only create more problems. A lack of communication could lead to a time-consuming and financially draining divorce, which doesn’t benefit anyone.

By staying civil and openly communicating with your ex, it may be possible to create a settlement agreement that prioritizes the best interests of both spouses. To be sure, this is not always possible if domestic violence, substance abuse or other divisive issues are present. But if you and your ex can meet each other halfway, it can go a long way toward finding the right resolution.

Using children as pawns

Children placed directly in the middle of their parent’s divorce can face lasting emotional and psychological damage. Divorcing parents should communicate directly with each other and never use their children as messengers. This can place an unnecessary burden on your child’s shoulders and may even cause lasting damage to your relationship with them.

Failing to hire a lawyer

It can be tempting to try and save money by going through the divorce process on your own, but divorcing spouses can end up hurting themselves financially by taking this route. Additionally, filling out paperwork without a professional’s guidance could lead to problems in the future.

A divorce can be complex and stressful, which can lead to spouses making unfortunate and easily preventable errors. But spouses can move through the divorce process confidently and avoid common mistakes by seeking the help of a knowledgeable family law attorney.