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Why you should avoid social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Divorce |

Social media offers a great outlet for people who want to waste some time or keep up with family and friends who live far away. However, it’s not the best outlet to use for your feelings when going through a divorce. 

While it may be tempting to post all your thoughts and information about your situation on your social media pages, this may come back and hurt you during your divorce proceedings. You may antagonize your spouse, making it harder to come to agreements. Your posts can also be used as evidence in the court of your financial position and your behavior.

To protect yourself during this transitional time, be sure to keep these social media tips in mind:

If possible, stop using social

If you never post on social media about your divorce – or anything else, for that matter – while you’re going through a divorce, you can’t do yourself any harm. This is going to help you avoid a lot of conflicts. It will also help you focus more on yourself, your children and your life after the divorce is finalized. 

Avoid posting about the divorce

If you plan to stay on social media during your divorce, make sure you aren’t posting anything about the situation. Also, avoid making posts when you are emotional or upset since you may post something you don’t mean. 

Check your privacy settings

Anything you post on social media will be there; however, it’s still a good idea to change your privacy settings to the highest levels during your divorce. This will help ensure your posts aren’t reaching people that shouldn’t see them, such as family members and friends of your spouse. 

Protect your rights during a divorce

Divorce can be an emotional time for everyone involved. Using social media may only fuel the fire if you and your spouse tend to fight a lot. Using the tips here will help you use social media responsibly and avoid posting something that may be used against you during the divorce proceedings