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3 issues you need to consider when planning for shared custody

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Family Law |

Sharing custody with your ex is a sure way to have conflict with one another even after you divorce. Even the most rational and tolerant parents will struggle to interact positively with one another when sharing custody.

There are certain issues that tend to more frequently affect shared parenting arrangements than others. What issues should you proactively address if you and your ex will be co-parents?

Discipline and expectations

One of the most important things a parent does is establish expectations for their child. Additionally, even married couples frequently argue about discipline issues, so you can count on disagreements occurring at least occasionally after your divorce.

Setting age-appropriate rules for your children together and agreeing ahead of time about the appropriate enforcement of those rules can substantially reduce how often you butt heads with your ex after the divorce.

Deviations from your standard schedule

In addition to addressing your standard weekly schedule during summer vacation, your parenting plan needs to address three-day weekends, holidays, and other special events. Additionally, it is smart to have rules in place for when you have to deviate from those established practices. For example, giving the other parent the first right of refusal when you have to decline your parenting time is a common rule.

Future disagreements that develop into conflict

It is impossible for you to accurately predict every parenting issue that will affect your co-parenting process. Rather than trying to address every potential scenario, it is much better to have rules in your parenting plan that discuss communication issues and how to resolve conflict.

Adding the right inclusions to your parenting plan will help you minimize conflict while sharing custody with your ex.