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Common mistakes you need to steer clear of during divorce

| Oct 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce can leave you emotionally and financially drained. Sometimes, a couple may reach a mutual agreement to dissolve their marriage with the help of a mediator. However, it could boil down to the Court’s decision about your specific case at other times. Either way, you must understand the specifics of the divorce process. 

If you have decided to file for divorce, it might seem as though the final divorce settlement is a long way off, and this can be true. However, it is also the case that you cannot afford to make certain mistakes before and during the divorce process. 

Here are common mistakes that you should avoid while going through a divorce:

Failing to plan for life after divorce

Obviously, you cannot expect life to go on as usual after divorce. You may inherit debt or have alimony and child support payments to make. More so, your expenses are likely to increase now that you have no one to share your financial burden with. 

The importance of planning for post-divorce life cannot be overstated. It is important to review your plans with your legal representative to have a clearer idea of what to request in your divorce settlement. 

Bad-mouthing your spouse

Talking poorly about your spouse in any forum during the divorce process is never a prudent idea. It gets worse when you decide to bad-mouth your spouse to your kids, though. This rises to the level of parental alienation, and it can severely impact your children. In fact, parental alienation can also hurt your child custody case if the Court learns of your behavior. Parental alienation can take the following forms:

  • Asking the children to choose you over the other parent
  • Telling children that the other parent is to blame for the divorce
  • Negatively discussing the other parent with your children
  • Violating an existing visitation order

Without a doubt, divorce is one of the most difficult and taxing journeys you can embark on. Avoiding these common mistakes during divorce can make the process less exhausting.